Principal Investigators

Edward Awh

Department of Psychology and Institute for Mind and Biology
University of Chicago


Faculty Page

Vogel Edward Vogel

Department of Psychology and Institute for Mind and Biology
University of Chicago


Faculty Page


 debettencourt_pic Megan deBettencourt
Personal website
14520432_10153847629871720_8968909547857800599_n William Ngiam
Personal website

PhD Students

FullSizeRender Nicole Hakim
Nicole is broadly interested in individual differences in visual attention, perception and working memory. She is using EEG and behavioral methods to explore the relationship between attention and working memory. Personal Page CV
Quirk Colin Quirk
Colin is interested in using EEG technology to study basic cognitive systems (e.g. attention, working memory & long-term memory). Currently he is using EEG to explore the mechanisms of implicit learning. Personal website
 squares Gisella Diaz
 squares William Thyer

Research Specialist

Ariana Gale

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Liam Chai, 2017–

Albert Chen, 2017–

Mei Arditi, 2018–

Yasemin Hasimoglu, 2018–

Paul Keene, 2018–

Jordan Taha, 2019–

Denelle Mohammed, 2018–2019

Janna Wennberg, 2018

Rebecca Kuang, 2017–2018

Melanie Sykes, 2017–2019

Marina Weinberger, 2017–2019

Maryam Bolouri, 2018–2019


Former Post docs

Tobias Feldmann-Wüstefeld, 2015-2018
Current position: Lecturer, University of Southampton
Personal website

Eren Gunseli, 2016-2017
Current position: Assistant professor, Sabancı University
Personal website

Roy Luria
Current position: Professor, Tel Aviv University
Personal website

Hiroyuki Tsubomi
Current position: Associate Professor, University of Toyama
Personal website

Former PhD Students

Joshua Foster
Current Position: Post-doc at Boston University
Personal website

Kirsten Adam
Current position: Post-doc at UCSD

David Sutterer
Current position: Post-doc at Vanderbilt

Irida Mance
Current position: Apple

Brittany Dungan
Current position: Senior UX Researcher at Big Fish Games

Keisuke Fukuda
Current position: Assistant professor at University of Toronto Mississauga

Eddie Ester
Current position: Assistant professor at Florida Atlantic University

Trafton Drew
Current position: Assistant professor at the University of Utah

Andrew McCollough
Current position: Data Scientist at EdgeRock Technology Partners, A CDI Company

Former Master’s Students

Akiko Ikkai
Current position: UX Researcher

Akina Umemoto
Current position: Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Toyama University/University of Toronto
Personal website

Miranda Scolari
Current position: Assistant professor at Texas Tech University

Maro Machizawa
Current position:Assistant professor at Hiroshima University

Former Research Specialists

Brendan Colson
Current position: UX Researcher

Former Undergraduate Research Assistants (incomplete)

Emma Bsales, 2016–2018

Ricardo Fernandez, 2017–2018

Clara Sava-Segal, 2017–2018

Stephanie Williams, 2017–2018

Yohyoh Wang, 2017–2018

Murrie Affini, 2016–2017

Citlalli Vivar Aburto, 2017

Alden Herrera, 2017

Jainaha Srikumar, 2016-2017