Principal Investigators

Edward Awh

Department of Psychology and Institute for Mind and Biology
University of Chicago

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Vogel Edward Vogel

Department of Psychology and Institute for Mind and Biology
University of Chicago

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Tobias Feldmann-Wüstefeld
Post-doctoral scholar. Tobias is interested in how selective attention is shaped by the visual context, learning experience and reward. He is also looking at prioritization of relevant and suppression of irrelevant information in visual attention and working memory. Tobias investigates these mechanisms with EEG, eye tracking and motion tracking. Personal website
 squares.png Megan deBettencourt
Post-doctoral scholar. Personal website

PhD Students

Kirsten Adam
PhD Student. Kirsten is interested in the relationship between visual attention and working memory, with a focus on how failures of attention adversely impact working memory performance. She uses EEG and individual differences approaches to investigate the potential mechanisms that underlie our cognitive limits. Personal website
suttererprofile David Sutterer
PhD Student. David is interested in long term memory, working memory, and interactions between the two systems.  His research involves using encoding models to examine the role of oscillatory activity in long term memory retrieval and working memory. He is also studying the relationship between the probability that memories can be retrieved and the precision with which those memories can be retrieved. CV
Foster Joshua Foster
PhD Student. Josh is fourth year student in the Psychology program. Josh is using EEG in conjunction with encoding models to examine online spatial representations in working memory and to track the dynamics of covert spatial attention. CV
16996418_10155051488452329_4970451429420928725_n Nicole Hakim
PhD Student. Nicole is broadly interested in individual differences in visual attention, perception and working memory. She is using EEG and behavioral methods to explore the relationship between attention and working memory.Personal Page  CV
Quirk Colin Quirk
PhD StudentColin is interested in using EEG technology to study basic cognitive systems (e.g. attention, working memory & long-term memory). Currently he is using EEG to explore the mechanisms of implicit learning.Personal website
 squares Gisella Diaz
PhD Student

Research Specialist

Brendan Colson

Brendan received a BA in Biology from UChicago in 2010.  From 2011 to 2015 he gained expertise as Research Staff in Howard Nusbaum’s lab, collecting and processing EEG data for studies on Perceptual Learning.  He plans to apply these skills to coordinate participants and collect data in the Awh-Vogel Lab, as well as assist the lab in day-to-day tasks

Previous Members

Eren Gunseli
Post-doc at Columbia