Nicole Hakim

Nicole is a doctoral student in the Integrative Neuroscience Program working with Ed Awh and Ed Vogel. She is primarily interested in interactions between working memory and attention.


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Hakim N, deBettencourt MT, Awh E, & Vogel EK (submitted). Attention fluctuations impact ongoing maintenance of information in working memory. (Link to preprint)

Hakim, N., Feldmann-Wüstefeld, T., Awh, E., & Vogel, E. K. (2019). Perturbing neural representations of working memory with task-irrelevant interruption. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience. (Link to PDF)

Hakim N, Awh E, Vogel EK (submitted) Manifold working memory. In Working memory: a multicomponent model (Eds. Robert Logie, Nelson Cowan, and Valerie Camos) Oxford University Press.

Hakim, N., Adam, K. C. S., Gunseli, E., Awh, E., & Vogel, E. K. (2019). Dissecting the neural focus of attention reveals distinct processes for spatial attention and object-based storage in visual working memory.  Psychological Science. (Link to PDF)

Hakim, N., & Vogel, E.K. (2018). Phase-coding memories in mind. PLOS Biology 16(8): e3000012. (Link to PDF)

Hakim, N., Simons, D. J., Zhao, H., & Wan, X. (2017). Do easterners and westerners differ in visual cognition? a preregistered examination of three visual cognition tasks. Social Psychological and Personality Science8(2), 142-152. (Link to PDF)

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